Intro to Git for Version Control

Oct. 31, 2019, 2 p.m. - Oct. 31, 2019, 4 p.m.

Organizer -

DataLab: Data Science and Informatics

Contact -

Carl Stahmer Pamela Reynolds

Location -

DataLab: Data Science and Informatics classroom (Shields Library room 360). Directions:


This hands-on workshop led by DSI’s Carl Stahmer will cover the fundamentals of working with the Git versioning control system for both individual and team development. Topics covered will include installing Git locally, initiating a local Git repository, managing file versions, basic branching and merging, working with remote repositories, and resolving conflicts. 

At the end of this workshop learners should be able to create new repos and begin using Git for version control of their individual projects.

The workshop is suitable for participants with little to no previous Git experience. All participants must bring a laptop on which they have administrative rights and are able to install software. Sign up in advance for a free GitHub account. Students should also request a GitHub student developer pack, which allows for unlimited free private repositories.

DSI Affiliates receive priority registration. You will receive a confirmation once you are accepted into the workshop.

Git Cheat Sheet
Pro Git

ASCI text editor recommendations for beginners: barebones or sublimetext (Mac), Notepad++ (PC)
Command Line Essentials common commands: pwd, cd, cd .., ls -a, mkdir
Git workflow: Save -> Stage -> Commit. “Commit often, comment verbosely.”
Common git commands:
* Basics: git init, git clone, git add, git status, git log, git diff, git log
* Undoing changes: git reset, git revert HEAD
* Remote Repos: git fetch, git pull, git push
* Branches: git branch, git checkout, git merge

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