Reproducible Research for Teams with GitHub

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DataLab: Data Science and Informatics

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Description: GitHub is an online platform for software development using Git for version control. During this hands-on workshop we'll practice setting up, sharing, and collaboratively working on a repository for a research project. We'll explore different features for improving your workflows, whether you're working by yourself or with others on a data-driven project using GitHub. Prior to attending the live session learners will complete modules that cover setting up their GitHub account, obtaining their SSH keys, and onboarding to the workshop virtual classroom.

Note: This is a small-format workshop and space is limited. Registrants will be provided with the pre-workshop materials prior to the workshop.              

Learning Objectives

By the end of this workshop, learners will be able to:

Prerequisites: Familiarity with the command line and git versioning control software is required. If you have not taken DataLab's Introduction to Unix Command Line and Introduction to Version Control with Git, please review the materials for those trainings prior to this session (see

Participants should be proficient in navigating their computer and executing basic git commands using a shell scripting program (Terminal, Bash, etc.). Before attending this workshop, learners should be able to create, modify and navigate to a directory, place a directory under version control, and make, stage, and commit changes using command line. Learners must also open a GitHub account and link SSH keys with that account prior to the workshop. Instructions for doing these latter two tasks will be sent in pre-circulated materials a week before the session. Students can also request a GitHub student developer pack, which allows for unlimited free private repositories.

Software: All participants will need: a computer on which they have administrative rights and are able to install software; the latest versions of Zoom, git, and (if using Windows) bash; a GitHub account; and SSH keys linked with GitHub.

Instructor: Wesley Brooks

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