Bay Area Memory Meeting (BAMM) 2018

Aug. 14, 2018, 8 a.m. - Aug. 14, 2018, 6 p.m.

Organizer -

Memory and Plasticity Program

Contact -

Trevor Baer, Charan Ranganath,

Location -

UC Davis Center for Neuroscience 1544 Newton Ct, Davis, CA 95618

We are pleased to announce the 14th annual Bay Area Memory Meeting (BAMM), to be held at UC Davis, on August 14th. BAMM is an annual meeting that brings together investigators studying memory and cognitive control from the peninsula (Stanford, UCSC, San Jose State, CSU East Bay, and Santa Clara University), city (UCSF and USF), east bay (UC Berkeley and Martinez VA), valley (UC Davis), and beyond (UCSB and UCLA).


The objectives of BAMM are to:


    (1) Foster communication and an exchange of ideas between scientists in the bay area who study memory and cognitive control, and


     (2) Provide a forum in which students and postdocs can present their  research and build relationships with faculty and peers beyond their local institution.


As with prior years, BAMM is expected to include approximately 35 presentations from 15+ bay area labs (for a listing of previous meetings see ). All sessions are intended to provide an engaging environment in which students and postdocs can present their work. The content of the presentations is flexible, and can cover any studies relevant to the function and organization of learning, memory, and neural plasticity. Presentations will be 10 minutes in length. 


Abstract submission for poster presentations at BAMM 2018 can be submitted during the registration process, or afterwards via email. If submitting an abstract after registration, please email Trevor Baer ( no later than August 1st. Use the subject line "BAMM Abstract" for faster processing.


Our schedule is nearly full, however we still have a few spots for poster presentations. We would like to use this opportunity to give trainees experience speaking in front of experts in the field, and will be be giving trainees priority for talks.

Registration is closed for this event